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Location Photography Service; Business Photography shot on location

Our location photography service brings the photo studio to your business location.

A feature of my photographic career is adaptability.  An uncanny ability to shoot at any site, in all types of conditions while consistently producing high quality photography is my trademark. Those skills I learned, when I started out as an Army photographer.

ANTICIPATE, ADAPT, OVERCOME, is the mantra of an infantryman and the way Uncle Sam trained me how to approach each assignment.  The goal was always get the image, regardless of conditions and that is how I still work today with our location photography services for business.

My corporate photography assignment and editorial shoots involve photography at locations around the world.  The range of shooting conditions run the gamut from primitive to regal, depending on the client.  The job is and always has been, to produce photography that illustrates the clients communication objective.  If I’m standing butt deep in mud or hanging of a rooftop ledge it really does not matter, I will do what it takes to get the photo.  An adventurous spirit helps, but the skills and techniques learned in my long experience behind the camera ensures that I always hit the mark.

Commercial photographer Dan Splaine is a location photography service expert. He shoots business photography assignments at locations around the world. Copyright © 2013 Daniel J. Splaine - All Right Reserved

This approach works for photography in the corporate setting equally well.  Sometimes clients can’t get to the studio or remote employees are gathering in one location for a brief amount of time.  No problem, I bring my fully mobile studio ability to the client location.  Sometimes in an industrial photography assignment access to a difficult or sensitive settings are restricted.  I can get in and get out  rapidly, working with the conditions as they exist to get the photos the client needs.

I have more that thirty years experience adapting to conditions and locations,  producing original and  effective visual communication with  photography.  If you have a difficult location, a once in a lifetime event  or you operate in an extreme conditions please get in touch.  I will welcome you challenging conditions and of course create the photography that shows you and your organization at their best.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Photographer and photo educator Dan Splaine has more than thirty years experience producing photography for public relations, marketing and editorial clients. His company TEST of TIME PHOTOGRAPHY based in Nashua, NH provides commercial photography services in studio and at client locations all over the world. He presents a program of digital photography workshops and photography tours for adults throughout New England