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Tips for Summer Photography Fun

You can spend the long days of summer doing many things.  It’s the time of year to get outdoors and to have  fun in the sun.  Summer is also a prime season for photography fun.  When you head out on your vacations and weekend events make sure you include your camera in your plans. With extended hours of daylight and warm weather there are excuses for getting out and making some photos. Nature is in full bloom and there is an infinite supply of subjects to capture. Listed below are some suggestions and tips for having some summer photography fun.

Dan Splaine Photo Workshop Portsmouth-3

FIND COLOR – After drab winter and springs the summer has an abundance of color.  From beach umbrellas to blossoms, there is plenty of opportunity to feature this design element in our photography.  Color grabs the viewers attention so don’t be shy using it.  Vibrant hues are the stuff of summer and they should be featured in your images.

DOCUMENT YOUR TRAVELS– Summer is the traditional season for vacations and travel.  Next time you hit the road give yourself a photo “assignment”.  Capture the narrative of your summer travels, whether it’s a picnic with your kids or a once in a lifetime European adventure.  Tell the story of the trip with your photos by artfully documenting the places you experience and the people you meet on the way.

HIT the BEACH– The beach is always a summer destination and oceans, lakes and streams are great photography locations.  While you work on your tan work on your photography.  Crashing waves, cruising boats and kids playing are great for practicing action photography.  Seascapes and sunsets make for more sublime image making.

GET INTO NATURE – Visit a State or National Park with your camera. Capture the landscape, the ecosystem and wildlife with your photography. Slow hikes through natural spaces allow you to connect with nature and are a wealth of inspiration for photography. The beauty of Natural History subjects are part of the visual summer bounty that should be at the top of your shot list.

USE FILL FLASH for SUMMER PORTRAITS – Bright sunshine might be good for suntans, but not so great for making portraits.  Harsh, direct, overhead sunshine is unflattering and uncomfortable for you subject.  Learn how to use your flash in combination with sunshine to light your summer portraits. Position your subject so their face is shade to protect them from the glare of summer sun and use your flash to fill in the shadows.  Balancing natural light and flash is useful skill to learn and practice for summer photos.

PHOTO WORKSHOPS and TOURS– Take your photography to the next step and invest in a photography class or workshop during the summer.  From a few hours to a few days, spending dedicated time in a photo workshop will advance your photography skills. Make a workshop part of your vacation or a summer treat just for yourself. (You can find out about my program of photo workshops and photo tours here)

THE EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM – Make the effort to enjoy early summer mornings with your camera.  The light of dawn is rich. There is nothing like a summer sun rising over a foggy pond or beaming through a forest for making beautiful images. Begin your summer days with your photography to make the best of the season.

Photography student having some summer photography fun at a landscape photo workshop presented by professional photographer Dan Splaine in New Hampshire's White Mountains.  ©2014 Daniel J. Splaine - All Rights Reserved