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Photographer Dan Splaine has more than thirty years experience working as a professional photographer.  During  his career he has photographed tens of thousands of people in locations throughout the world.  He specializes in “live action” photographic coverage  and he readily adapts to dynamic conditions and unique photography challenges.

 “My job is to produce photographic imagery that best illustrates the clients vision and communication objectives” – Dan Splaine


A commercial photographer with an extensive background in corporate assignment photography and photography shot on location, Dan’s primary work is creating distinct, visually compelling photography for public relations , marketing and editorial productions .  Event coverage and real-time press photography distribution are a specialty service – think as Dan Splaine as your corporate photojournalist.

Noted for his photography of people: from formal portraits to candid observations of human activities,  he creates professional photography for people, corporations and institutions.  His images are revealing with his subjects shown eloquently, regardless whether they are world leaders or anonymous.  Humanity is his primary subject, with images made for editorial publication  corporate communications and as custom portrait commissions.

The foundation of his photography career was a four-year enlistment as a Still Photographic Specialist in the U.S. Army.  That experience is the genesis of his ability to adapt and always deliver high quality images, no matter the shooting conditions. He operates a studio in Nashua , NH and provides images for local, regional and national clients.  Although an accomplished studio photographer, the majority of his photographic assignment shot at the client location.

He is also an experienced photography educator.  He shares his experience and ability  in a comprehensive program of digital photography workshops and photographer tours.  Thousands of  photographers have attended one of his photo classes ,  photography critique sessions and photo tours since 2010.

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