Business Portrait Options; Studio Portrait or Environmental Portraits?

What are your business portrait options? 

Most entrepreneurs realize the value of having a professionally photographed business portrait made for social media profiles.  A well-lit and nicely retouched head-shot made in a studio is an important weapon in your personal branding arsenal.  A studio portrait with a neutral background is ideal for profiles, business cards and sales letters.  It is one of the best ways to become a “familiar face” to prospective customers.

Studio portraits are great.  They increase your online engagement and we consider them a basic need for every business person.

An environmental portrait or editorial style business portrait by photographer Dan Splaine.  Environmental portraits are another option for the business portrait choices for entrepreneurs.  ©2013 Daniel J. Splaine- All Rights Reserved Consider having an environmental style portrait made in addition to your studio business portrait. Environmental portraits add context and they present a unique impression of the subject. Environmental portraits are made at the client location which serves as the background for the portrait sitting.   Placing portrait subjects in their work environment adds major impact to business portraits. Flip through your favorite business magazine and you will see how these editorial style images present people in more dynamic and dramatic setting.

Why would you need more than a studio portrait?  Profile photos are useful for many publications and having different styles of business portraits made allows you to capitalize on public relations opportunities as they occur.  Editors and webmasters are always seeking high quality visual content especially in this era of dwindling editorial resources.  They are starving for unique and  interesting illustration. Providing an environmental portrait with your press releases and announcements will gain a higher rate of publication.

An environmental portrait adds visual information that informs the viewer about you. Your studio portrait is a good presentation; your environmental portrait is a complete narrative.

Photographer Dan Splaine is an expert at creating these custom portraits in locations as diverse as tropical rain forests to corporate boardrooms.  He is a noted environmental and editorial portraitist, that creates one-of-a-kind business portraits.   Let him tell your story in images book your editorial style business portrait session today.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Photographer and photo educator Dan Splaine has more than thirty years experience producing photography for public relations, marketing and editorial clients. His company TEST of TIME PHOTOGRAPHY based in Nashua, NH provides commercial photography services in studio and at client locations all over the world. Dan is a photo educator and he presents a program of digital photography workshops and photography tours for adults throughout New England.  For more information about his photo education program go to the photo workshop and tour schedule page.


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